Memory keeping with Heritage Makers

Your photos can be so much more than just pixels on a screen or neglected prints in a dusty shoebox. Youngevity’s memory keeping brand, Heritage Makers, invites you to discover the joy that comes from preserving, enhancing and sharing your priceless photos.

Wendy McGee

“As I became a Heritage Maker I couldn't wait to get started! I had so many photos and stories that I wanted to preserve and share. It’s wonderful that I am able to help others by doing something I love.”

- Wendy McGee


Do more with your photos

When was the last time you used your photos to tell a compelling story, preserve an important memory or reach out to someone you love?


There is a power in photos, and the stories they tell, and we are here to help you make the most of them.


Customized by you

Studio is our amazing and simple online design system. It makes it easy and fun to get creative with your photos and tell your stories! Make one-of-a-kind greeting cards, storybooks, photo gifts and more with our expansive library of digital art and memory-making templates.

The world's largest digital art and template library

The world's largest digital art and template library

Uniquely showcase your favorite memories. 

With a basic Studio account, you will have access to more than 1,200 pre-designed project templates. Upgrade to a premiere Studio account and enjoy the use of more than 10,000 templates and 90,000 pieces of digital art!


Traditional Scrapbooking

Give your priceless photos and memories the treatment they deserve by using Our Memories for Life traditional scrapbooking products.

We have everything you need to creatively preserve your photos, including album covers, designer cardstock, refill pages, page protectors, pens, adhesives and tools.

Rhonda Anderson

“One of my favorite quotes is: ‘A birth certificate shows that you were born, a death certificate shows that you died, a photo album shows that you lived.’ Heritage Makers provides both digital and traditional solutions for creating the perfect story of your amazing and matchless life.”

-  Rhonda Anderson

Get paid to share

Get paid to share

It’s easy to fall in love with Heritage Makers, and when you do, it's also easy to share it with people you know. Become a distributor by purchasing a Heritage Makers CEO Mega Pak and enjoy more than $500 in products and supplies. Plus, you’ll also benefit from Youngevity’s incredible training and compensation systems on a wide array of health and lifestyle products.


How will you tell your story? Fill your
home, and gift bags, with meaningful
projects and have a great time doing it.

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